Xherdan The Naked Cat is Taking Over Instagram 

Naked cats usually aren’t the prettiest cats you can find. They look wrinkled, weird and kind of like they weren’t born on this planet. Some people seem to be very fond of them however, and it was only a matter of time before one of them took over Instagram. Meet Xherdan the Naked Cat.

Xherdan isn’t a looker by any sense of the word, but at least he manages to be ugly with style. Xherdan even has his own website where you can find his pictures, info about his life and even contact Xherdan directly. I’m sure it’s actually his owners that reply, but it’s worth a shot anyway!

The specific breed of cat that Xherdan is a part of is called the Sphynx. He’s Canadian, although he was born in Switzerland back in 2013, and he lives together with two fellow sphynxes. With Xherdan not even being seven years old, this means we’ll have a lot more of his adventures to follow on Instagram.

According to his personal website, Xherdan dreams of becoming part of the Marvel Universe and becoming a hero that hypnotizes people with his eyes. I guess that works perfectly for a breed that’s called “sphynx”, right? In all his wrinkley goodness, I’m sure Xherdan would have easily bested Thanos in only one three-hour movie.

Xherdan currently only has about 33k followers, which isn’t that much by Instagram standards, but we can imagine that this number will only grow as his shenanigans get spread all over the internet. He might be an ugly, evil-looking little cat, but it’s also hard to look away from him. I think deep down he just wants some cuddles like every other cat, don’t you?

When it all comes down to it, I’m sure there’ll be a lot more in the future for Xherdan. I can see merch coming on the horizon, kind of like what they did with Grumpy Cat and all the other animals that have taken over the internet at some point in the past. And let’s be honest, who wouldn’t shell out 20 bucks for a coffee cup with Xherdan – Xherdy as his friends call him – his cute little wrinkley face on it? That coffee will never have tasted better, I assure you.

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