Tiny Puppy With a Habit to Sleep in a Weird Pose Became a Meme!

Shih-Tzu puppy named Paningning developed a strange preference to sleep on her back like a human, ever since she was little. And she could do it anywhere: on the floor, under a curtain, on her toy, you name it.

Of course, this funny quirk did not go unnoticed by the pupper’s human mommy Janess Cua, who flooded Reddit and other social networks with photos of Paningning sleeping. Turns out this cute little fella was exactly what the internet needed that day, as the pictures went viral in a blink of an eye, bringing new fans and friends, most importantly, giving “meme lords” a new target. I mean, she’s so relatable, an actual #mood, as the rugrats say these days. You can see more of her pics on her official Insta page.

Anyway, that’s when the memes started pouring in. People all over the world banded together to Photoshop an adorable sleeping puppy into all sorts of adventures and shenanigans, just to make others laugh! I love the Internet… sometimes.
1. And it all started with this picture uploaded on Reddit.

2. Shhh, don’t make a sound! She’s undercover!

3. She’s just like a human


4. She’s so adorable!…

5. …and so cute!


6. Now she looks even funnier.

7. I guess the floor is more comfortable. Oh, here come the memes!

8. She’s looks like she’s bobsledding.


9. Hug that wall and no matter what, don’t look down!

10. Paint me like one of your French poodles.

11. Can you imagine puppy-shooting guns? There would never be another war or armed conflict.

12. Being a monk is quite easy if you’re Paningning.


13. Ground control to Major Cuteness, don’t forget your protein pills.

14. And finally, my favorite take on her – the Super Puppy!

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