Goran Anastasovski’s Phenomenal Photos Of Wild Animals


The animal world is breathtaking, exciting, and amazingly diverse. Humans have lived on the planet for thousands of years, but we are still unfamiliar with most of the creatures that we share our living quarters with. Every now and then, the media will report that scientists have discovered a brand new species of bugs, birds, fish, and other the fauna. At the same time, we’ve successfully and effortlessly destroyed or at least catastrophically thinned out countless animal species. Today, this topic should be taken more seriously than ever. More and more people are doing whatever they can to help protect the wild animals, even something as unimpressive as taking photos of majestic beasts in the zoo.

Goran Anastasowski is a famous photographer, whom the British newspaper Daily Mail aptly christened the “king of the camera.” He knows a thing or two about wildlife photography and nature in general and has been making stunning portraits of wild animals around the world for years. From giraffes and horses to lions and monkeys – Goran loves taking pictures of all of them.

Speaking of lions, this photographer from Macedonia has recently shown a particular interest in big felines and has been photographing leopards, lions, tigers, and other murderous kitties in all their glory for more than ten years. According to Goran, these cats have everything a person aspires to: love, courage, sincerity, and loyalty. He believes that wild animals can show the same emotions as humans, and in his photos, he tried to capture that eerily familiar essence.

Let’s take a look at some of his most incredible shots.

1. Just a regular old cat. But 20 times bigger.

2. Everyone during the lockdown be like.

3. Grumpy howler monkey.

4. Mama deer with her tiny fawn.

5 Hey, that’s me when I was little!

6. Giraffes also have feeling.

7. Are zebras white in black stripes or black in white stripes?

8. What a gorgeous shot. Wow.

9. Even the “ugly” scavengers have a certain charm to them.

10. Now laugh! Just like the donkey.

11. What are they looking at? A juicy gazelle maybe?

12. Nuzzles and loud purring – that’s how you know your cat loves you.

13. Do you see that ferocity? He’s going for the neck!

14. Wanna hear him roar?

15. A smooch from lion mama. Let’s hope she doesn’t bite.

16. Look at that fluffy tail curl. That’s love right there.

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