6 Reasons Sharks Are Afraid of Dolphins

When we think of a species that rules the seas, most people will probably end up with sharks. They’re big, they’re mean, they have a nice set of teeth and we’re taught from an early age to avoid them and leave them alone.

Pretty much to everyone’s surprise, there’s a type of animal that lives in the sea and scares the living jeebies out of sharks – dolphins. Here’s why.

Dolphins Have Better Mobility

Dolphins have a horizontal tail fin compared to a shark’s vertical one. This means they have a better upward or downward mobility. Combine this with their more flexible joints and there’s hardly any situation where a shark would be able to outmaneuver a dolphin.

Dolphins Hunt In Packs

While a shark might be physically stronger than a dolphin, dolphins always travel in packs and will defend a member of their pack that gets attacked. One on one a dolphin might not have a shot, but a shark can’t hold his own against a dozen dolphins.

Dolphins Are Smarter

Not that sharks are making it incredibly hard on the dolphins, but dolphins are some of the smartest (if not the smartest) creatures to roam the oceans. When it comes to tactics, the sharks will always lose.

Dolphins Are Battering Rams

Dolphins have a snout that is genetically engineered to act as a battering ram, which can cause a lot of internal damage to sharks when poking them in the soft underbelly.

Orcas Are Also Part of the Dolphin Family

And orcas are known to eat great white sharks whenever other food is scarce. I guess you could say orcas are the true apex predator in the waters.

Dolphins Are Faster

Despite already having higher mobility and a bigger brain than sharks, dolphins are also faster in the water than the sharks that would try to hunt them. This leads to an easy regroup with the rest of the pod to overpower the shark through sheer numbers.

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