Barry The Bird With A Fringe


Many people have birds as pets, and canaries are a very popular choice. They’re small, cute, come in a variety of colors and are very easy to take care of. They’re also exceptionally talented singers. But today we’re going to introduce you to a very unique bird. His name is Barry and he describes himself as “the bird with a fringe”. Barry is a Gloster canary. While most Canaries are originally from the Canary Islands, and they are just caught in the wild and then bred, Gloster Canaries aren’t. They don’t exist in the wild. It took years of breeding and the result was two kinds of Gloster canaries – Consorts and Coronas (yeah, we know, insert a coronavirus joke of your liking here). Consorts have smooth heads like most canaries, but Coronas have this amusing little fringe like Barry. It kind of looks like they have a perfect tiny mop-top haircut made of feathers that’s very similar to those the Beatles sported back in the day. Barry has been getting a lot of attention lately thanks to his rainbow photoshoot and his Instagram followers are close to reaching a 5K mark.

1. Here’s Barry contemplating life’s complexity and what this is all about. What is his purpose in life? Should he even attempt to write a new song or has everything under the sun already been written?

2. Barry’s also an artist, and a very talented one. He’s moved beyond paintbrushes, that’s basic. Instead, he uses his legs to create his masterpieces. One day we’ll see Barry’s art in a museum or an art gallery.

3. This is the rainbow photoshoot that brought Barry his fame. People just see it as a cute bird with rainbow feathers, but Barry was trying to showcase how multifaceted his personality is, his soul is like a rainbow, and he’s got a full range of emotions just like the rainbow has a full range of colors.

4. You can see Barry’s magnificent mop-top up close over here. Looks how perfectly styled it looks. He would consider actually dying his feathers into a rainbow, but that would mess with the purity of his perfection. He just woke up like that.

5. This is a mood. Colored lighting is a great way to add an emotional aspect to your photos and it was actually Barry’s idea, no matter what his human owner might think or say. Barry was going for a melancholic love story with this photoshoot.

6. Barry is also concerned about the virus, so he’s urging his followers to stay at home as much as they can. This quarantine isn’t a joke. He wasn’t alive when the bird flu happened, but he hears that was bad and this virus seems even worse.

7. Barry goes on walks sometimes, but only when it’s safe and he always follows the rules of hygiene and social distancing. He doesn’t want any trouble, he even travels in his vehicle, which is a bird carrier.

8. Glouster canaries are actually not very sociable by nature, they aren’t huge fans of human interaction, so Barry has actually been following the rules of social distancing way before the virus outbreak, he’s been doing it before it became cool.

9. Freshly out of the shower. Barry makes sure to stay clean and this should be a reminder for you to wash your hands too. But also he’s well aware that with his fringe all wet he looks like he could be doing a beach photoshoot for Vogue. Maybe one day he will.

10. Barry looks like he’s deep in thought a lot of the time. He’s kind of emo like that, but he’s ok with it. He likes his quiet moments, he’s proof that canaries aren’t just for singing and chirping, they have deep thoughts and like to contemplate the futility of life too.

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