15 Game Changing Cooking Tips for Every Home Chef

Annotate Your Recipes:


If you come across a recipe tweak, like adjusting the onion-to-garlic ratio, leave a Post-It on the page for a helpful reminder later.

Read Before You Begin:

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Always read the recipe from start to finish before diving in to avoid unnecessary time with a hot oven.

Save Bacon Fat:

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Don’t discard bacon grease! Utilize it for various cooking endeavors, from frying eggs to creating a unique bacon-infused candle.

Secure Your Cutting Board:

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Place a damp paper towel under your cutting board to prevent unwanted movements while using sharp knives.

Time Adjustment:

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Set your timer for a few minutes less than the recommended cooking time to account for oven variations and avoid overcooking.

Season and Taste:


Season your dish as you go, ensuring balanced flavors throughout the cooking process.

Trust Your Instincts:


If something looks off, trust your judgment. You know more about your food than you realize.

Salt Everything:.

Woman adding salt to cooking pot on stoveNEUSTOCKIMAGES//GETTY IMAGES

Enhance flavors by adding a bit of salt to everything, including desserts, to create a more complex taste.

Invest in a Scale:

A baker pouring liquid from a copper jug into a bowl with flour and ingredients for dough.MINT IMAGES//GETTY IMAGES

For baking precision, use a scale – baking is a science, and accurate measurements are crucial.

Clean As You Go:

Closeup of wooden table surface in kitchen with messy dirty cooking preparation bakery dusted with starch, flour backgroundKRBLOKHIN//GETTY IMAGES

Take short breaks to clean surfaces and tools during cooking to save time and reduce stress later on.

Mind Your Oven Mitts:

Mid section of young women holding stuffed baguette on baking tinLENA MIRISOLA//GETTY IMAGES

Avoid using damp oven mitts to prevent burns and maintain the integrity of your skin.

Hand-Minced Garlic:

Mincing garlic. Making Potato and Leek Filo Pie. Series.VINICEF//GETTY IMAGES

Skip the garlic press for a better texture and a quicker, cleaner process of mincing garlic by hand.

Undercook Cookies:

Taking sheet of cookies out of the ovenZENSHUI/LAURENCE MOUTON//GETTY IMAGES

Pull cookies out slightly before they are done, as they continue cooking on the tray after removal from the oven.

Use a Paper Towel on the Cutting Board:


Place a paper towel on your cutting board when chopping multiple ingredients to save time on cleaning.

Print Recipes:

Healthy eating is just a tap awayPEOPLEIMAGES//GETTY IMAGES

Print out your recipes to avoid getting raw egg or other ingredients on your electronic devices.


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